When your legs get tired, run with your heart!


HIM Training update:  I have been trying hard to trust the training plan and not the demons in my head!  There have been times that I was seriously doubting how me going soooooo slow was building a base. In order to stay in the indicated “Zone 2” I was basically walking for my run workouts.  That was putting a damper on my “it will all come together” attitude.  How the heck was I supposed to run a half marathon by October if I am spending workouts WALKING?  I started obsessing, I mean researching after every.single.workout.  That meant I was on the verge of my training not being fun as I vowed it would be. Things were becoming too technical…..all I knew was things didn’t “feel right”.

My first workout monitoring my heart rate zones. I never watched my Garmin and waited to see my zone work after it uploaded. At no time was I to enter Zone 3 or higher.

When I got home after the first “heart rate workout” I was nowhere NEAR where my plan told me to be. The workout was supposed to be in Zones 1 and 2 only. Uhhhh, nope.  My cute, little Garmin gave me a message later saying I overextended myself and that I shouldn’t do that too often.  I decided to focus on watching my Garmin like a hawk in order to “stay” in the zones I needed.  I tried not to feel deflated as walkers passed me. Seriously, walkers were passing me while I was in Zone 2.  I didn’t feel like I was exerting myself AT ALL but my heart rate would dip into Zone 4 just by walking down a hill.  Something wasn’t right!  Was it my heart?  Am I that de-conditioned that I better go see a cardiologist?  Was it my lack of knowledge of zone training? What.the.heck.is.wrong?

Enter my posse of peeps that saw me posting about my frustrations.  They too were taught to stay in Zone 2, but they convinced me to check into if my Garmin settings were correct AND reminded me that heart rate zone training was not cookie cutter training!  I researched some more and decided to base my zones on Heart Rate Reserve versus Maximum Heart Rate.  We can get all technical here, but I don’t want technical in my training right now so you can Google it if you want more deets, LOL.  Basically, I tested my resting heart rate each morning to get an average and entered that into my Garmin and bam…new settings (we all have different resting heart rates so our zones will be more individualized than just subtracting our age from 220).  This feels so much better and is what is working for ME….make sure #youdoyou.

My workout after changing my settings AND watching my Garmin like a hawk.

The heart rate training seems to be working!  I got through my speed workout last night and didn’t dry heave or doubt!  #exorcismsuccessful  My legs felt strong and my lungs cooperated even during the ‘Go All Out” portion of the workout.  I accidentally left my heart rate monitor at home yesterday, but didn’t let that derail the workout. Instead, I relied on “feel” based on past workouts and conversations with others over the last few weeks. Kena….you rockRight now, the majority of my workouts are solo because I need to focus on learning where my zones are and that means it is important I stay in them without trying to push to keep up with other folks.

I love that I am surrounded by people that are “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” than me that can lift me up, PUSH me to be a stronger version of myself, and fill me with advice!  From my virtual training partners (Introverts Unite!) to the peeps on the trail who have “been there”. 

Some days my legs feel strong and can carry me through the intensity, some days my legs and mind go AWOL and I have to rely on my heart to push through it.  Other days, my mind wins out and I stay inside my cocoon and plank (or nap) instead!  It is a process…..my process and I am going with it!

Next week I will give you a peek into Metabolic Efficiency Training!