Can a spark take 20 years to ignite? Damn Skippy!

Today is my anniversary!  My 20th to be exact!  It isn’t the day I met a new friend, went on a great date, started a new job, or won the lottery (but, there is still hope for that one). Nope, it is the day I decided to call in from my really cool job to go put in a little extra time at my other really cool job (life is too short to not have at least one really cool job going on in the background).

It is the day the Universe decided to test my mettle.

I headed across the street to my office via that handy-dandy little invention we call a crosswalk and a driver decided he needed to get across it first.  I took an SUV to the chest and hellllllooo crushed legs.  Who knows what the driver had on his mind that day.  Was he having a bad day, week, month?  Maybe he lost someone recently, was worried about finding money to keep a roof over his family’s head, or hell, maybe his blood sugar had plummeted.  Who knows, but I can’t hold on to the negativity of blame.  Every blue moon I will allow myself to wonder how my life would be if I had gone to Fort Benning that day or simply got to campus a tad bit later…….what if my legs had not endured that bull schnizzle……maybe I could have lived out my dream of being a 5’2″ gogo dancer or aerobics instructor!!  I wonder what it would feel like to not “think” about how I am going to maneuver through the woods or down an embankment at work or ponder over how much rest I need to give my legs in order to attempt something fun with my friends.  To not feel constant pain, tightness, instability.  Then, I remember it could have been worse; my head vs. my legs, and I snap out of a potential pity party.

But, you know what?  I am right where I am supposed to be.

In these last twenty years, I have been blessed to meet some amazing people that raise my frequency and work with spectacular peeps trying to make a difference in this world. I met the most amazing business partner that would BLOW YOUR MIND with how much love, purpose, and dedication to the human spirit she has in her soul.  I have learned that my family and tight inner circle mean everything to me and are my biggest supporters (over the next few months I am sure you will see their pics and I can’t wait for you to meet my Wonder Twin) and I found courage to honor my purpose in life which is to inspire others to #youdoyou, follow their dreams and teach them to find the catalyst that will ignite the change needed to live THEIR purpose. In essence, to help them find their inner #badassery. 

I have learned to become the flame.

In the last few years this chick joined a phenomenal group of people in the Tri world that convinced me I “had it in me” to do a triathlon (you’ll meet more of them in the continuing months).


The one laying in the middle of the road twenty years ago and holding the hand of a cyclist as I tried to tell jokes and entertain the crowd surrounding me as we waited for the ambulance (because I didn’t want them to worry).


The one worried about ruining her parent’s trip that weekend or calling her boss and friends from the ER telling them…..”No, I’ll be good. I just need a couple of days to rest and I’ll see you on Monday” (make that eight weeks later and with a cane).  The one with never ending physical pain, recovering from severe burn out, and overweight?  A triathlon?  Yes, ME!

Surround yourself with people that believe in you and YOU will start to believe in yourself! 

As of now, I have finished a couple of Sprints and participated in an Olympic and Half Ironman (as part of a relay team). Last year, was spent on the injured list, but I made sure to stay engaged by participating as a voluncheer for many local events. 

Last summer I was introduced to the world of functional fitness and I am elated at how much mobility and strength I have gained and how much the pain has decreased in my daily life!  These last several months made me believe that I could #levelup. I am sure you will meet that person plus many more that have helped this Lone Wolf on her journey.  I tend to brag on folks that make a difference in my life. #sorrynotsorry.

Which brings me to my announcement. 

In honor of my anniversary I am letting you know of a FANTASTICALLY crazy goal I have signed up for.  While training for the Half Ironman relay I began craving…..well, more … more is coming. Only a handful of folks knew about it while I tried to figure out if I “for serious” wanted to try something WAY outside of my comfort zone.  I started training to do a solo event and have decided to give it a go.  I actually signed up last month with my birthday money before I could change my mind.  My ONLY goal is to have a hella good time training and enjoy the quest.  There will be no time goal, no outside pressure, no pass or fail mentality. I am in it for the experience because I have my eye on a full for 2018. But, let’s get back to 2017……. I may be overzealous but I was raised as a Fire By Trial kinda girl (okay, okay…I did research the HECK out of all the races and talked to numerous people about the courses before I leaped) and I decided on the old Beach to Battleship race that was recently purchased by Ironman.  This October I will be traveling to Wilmington for Ironman North Carolina 70.3 (trust me, I researched it like my life depended on it, lol).

If you wish, you can follow my trials, triumphs, and tribulations on my new blog/website (that I am partially launching today!). Later this year I will be hosting retreats and doing one on one sessions to help you Spark your Catalyst/Ignite Your Life, but for now…..I will be training.  You can sign up for my updates and I can drop little sparks into your inbox to help you become your OWN Firestarter!

Don’t let a major setback derail your life (it is too short….I promise). True story….as I was blacking out 20 years ago my life didn’t flash before my eyes but the people that mean the most to me did……along with all the things I had NOT done.

Fight for what you love, experience the absolute hell out of life, SHARE your love, life, and experiences with others (someone needs you for that), take the chance….and always get back up.

Love, Light, and Energy…….Motesta


22 thoughts on “Can a spark take 20 years to ignite? Damn Skippy!”

  1. Stacy, you are such a warm and beautiful soul. You radiate so much of what God wants for His children. Thank you for the peace you bring into my world. I plan to be in your corner for every step of your journey~

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am loving watching you on your journey! You are going to have a blast at Augusta and I cannot wait to be up there cheering you on at every leg!!!

    1. I am looking forward to one day conquering #shadhills. Thanks for THAT spark! Last October was AH-mazing! I hope to get up there to watch Ironheart!!!

    1. Yesssssssssss! FYI-I was swimming yesterday and the lady that remembers you helping me during that first time trial for #Nooga asked how it went. I told her it went great! #firestarter

  2. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and YOU will start to believe in yourself! These are words to live by my friend. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and I look forward to reading about all your continued successes. You are a bright ray of sunshine!

    1. Love you! Don’t you feel the same energy at Crossfit CSG? I surround myself with people DOING the hard things and encouraging me to work towards it and I eventually believe that I can do them myself!

  3. You are a definite inspiration!! So glad you came to the Tri club so I could know a friend again from long ago!! I will look forward to your new blog posts!!

    1. I am inspired by so many people in this club and community and I LOVE that we reconnected!

  4. I am absolutely excited for you! I do believe you can do anything you set your mind to. You bring so much joy to the people around you and I’d love to ride, run, or swim along with you when you have a challenging day. You’ve got this!

    1. Grrrrrrrl, I will certainly take you up on that offer! I think I will be using the track for some of my speed workouts!!

    1. Love YOU! I was so inspired and motivated listening to you talk about your training for IMFL!!!

    1. I didn’t realize I had comments pending, lol. Thank you! I hear it is nice there during that time. We may need to go recon before then, lol. To the moon and back. #wolfpack

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