Meet the Team

Stacy Mote

AKA Motesta

I am an environmental scientist and empowerment coach that thrives on helping people find (and go after) their passion.

At times, I wonder if my spirit animal is a crow because I love all things sparkly. If glitter and sequins were a food group, I would probably eat it.

I am an outgoing introvert (I once wore a cardinal mask and tutu while twerking onstage during a spirit competition in Vegas) that loves to decorate her home with candles, crystals, and chi.  Sidenote: there may or may not be a video of the cardinal dance.

When I am not surrounding myself with badass women trying to make their mark in the world, I am on adventures with The Nephew (until he decides I am not the coolest chick in the city anymore) and training for triathlons.

Come, step inside…..let’s unleash your soul power together!